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iTunes Support for all iTunes software queries. We are living in a high tech world and on day to day basis, gadgets are getting introduced. Gadgets requires software to drive the hardware components and hence software is the soul of any gadget. Apple is a popular name in the world of technology and iTunes is one of the most popular software products developed by the company, more information about iTunes is available on iTunes support number. It can run videos and music files, manage media libraries, play online radio and can also be used to download and organize digital downloads of music and video on personnel computers which have Mac OS or Microsoft windows operating system. iTunes can be downloaded from apple store or by contacting iTunes customer service phone number and can be used to manage almost all apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iTunes provides so many options that it proves to be a complex software to be handled by a nave user who is not so computer friendly. This brings the need of dedicated apple iTunes support number or one can contact iTunes customer service number, that can connect users to apple iTunes customer service team to get all the apple iTunes customer service queries answered.

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iTunes Support: Features supported

Initial version of iTunes, iTunes 1.0, was released in the beginning of 20th century. It was originally conceptualized by Bill Kincaid and released by Casady and Green back in late 1990’s. Then apple purchased it in the year 2000 and renamed it as iTunes. Company also hired the founders of the software and they are still part of the development team. iTunes is one of the most successful product till date and same goes for it support that can be availed through iTunes support phone number.

  • Basic Functionalities:

    The audio files and other data of apple devices like iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc. is officially and authentically managed by iTunes software. With the help of this software, customer’s music can be organized in playlists within one or more libraries. Users can copy files to any other apple device and can also edit the file information and has option to purchase music and videos through its built in store without any hassle. One can also use the iTunes software to record compact discs and can download free podcast as well, for any help and support on iTunes, contact iTunes support phone number. Encoding music into number of different audio formats can also be done with its help. Tracking of the songs can be done with the help of  iTunes by creating a virtual library and then giving permission to the users to access and edit a song’s attributes. Whenever any information in iTunes is changed, iTunes music file gets refreshed. iDvd, iMovie and iPhoto are also apple’s applications and these are allowed to access the library to utilize the information and files for the purpose they solve for users. iTunes is compatible with various media formats and can be used to read, write and convert between many media formats like MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4 and AAC.  Due to so many features offered by iTunes, users may face challenge while interacting with the software and devices on real-time and this results in need of dedicated apple iTunes customer service number and iTunes support phone number that enables user to reach apple iTunes customer service team to get all the iTunes support queries answered.

  • Network Sharing:

    With the help of network sharing, library can be shared over the network. With the onset of iTunes 4.0, library sharing was introduced where users could freely access shared music anywhere over the internet by specifying internet protocol addresses of remote shared song libraries. This kind of feature sometimes require a lot of network configuration to be done at customer’s end and is complex to perform by end users. A fleet of technically sound apple professionals who are specially trained to resolve such problems can be contacted by dialing iTunes support phone number or apple iTunes phone number.

  • Playlist concerns:

    iTunes 8 came up with the amazing feature that uses artificial intelligence. With help of this, playlist of songs gets automatically generated from the user’s library. It selects the song which is similar to the song genre playing at the moment or most often played by user. iTunes account is prerequisite to use this feature and with the help of this account only, information of user’s library is sent anonymously to Apple’s database for processing. The choice of the song to be played is determined by the algorithms based on the data collected from other user’s library. Being a user, if you face problem in taking advantage of this feature then you can seek help of apple iTunes support. It is a service provided by apple for its users wherein you can call iTunes customer service using apple iTunes customer service number. When version of iTunes 3 was launched along with this a feature called small playlists was also launched. Smart playlist can be automatically set to filter the library based on a customized list of selection criteria, which is similar to data base query. We can further understand it as this feature will help you in selecting your playlist on the basis of top 25 most played, recently played, recently added, classical music etc. You can also limit the amount of songs in a playlist or you can leave it as unlimited. While using this feature if you face any problem and to get more knowledge don’t refrain from contacting apple iTunes support by dialing iTunes support number, where advisor will pick up and he will be more than happy to help you.

  • iTunes installation and system errors:

    For the general issues like downloading update, re-installation and system errors, one can seek help of iTunes customer service by calling on iTunes customer service number and in any case if they are unable to resolve your issue being technical problem then they will redirect your call to apple iTunes support by calling on iTunes support number or iTunes customer service phone number.

  • Sound Processing:

    Equalization is also supported by iTunes which includes sound processing feature. It also includes sound enhancement and cross fade. Feature called sound check is also available which automatically adjusts sound of all the songs in the library to the same level. It is also called audio normalization. It can be turned on in the playback section. For any queries user can seek help of apple iTunes customer service by dialing iTunes customer service phone number or apple iTunes phone number. One can also call on iTunes support phone number or contact iTunes support number to take help of iTunes support store.

  • iTunes Video Support:

    With the release of iTunes 4.8 the feature of video support was introduced to iTunes. In this user can drag and drop video clips from computer to iTunes library for cataloging and organization. With the introduction of iTunes 6.0 a feature also came up where one can view and purchase a video content from iTunes music store. iTunes store offers over number of television shows for download along with huge list of feature films. Being a user, if you face any issue then our technically trained advisors are available on iTunes store support. To contact them one needs to call on iTunes store support number. iTunes started selling full length movies after 20. This enables the user to download movie from iTunes store. In January 2008 the option of renting movies also started. One can buy or see the rented movies by downloading on iTunes or contacting apple iTunes phone number. The amount of money charged is different in both the scenarios. Buying movie is little bit costlier than watching a rented movie. One can use this feature without a hassle. To know more we have iTunes store support or users can call on apple  iTunes store support number for further assistance.

  • iTunes Podcast support:

    With the introduction of version 4.9 of iTunes, one more important feature was added which provides built in support for podcasts. iTunes really helped pod-casting to enter the main stream. When iTunes 4.9 was released, it was reported by pod-casters that the number of downloads of their audio files had tripled sometimes even quadrupled. iTunes is considered as a dominant podcast client. To catch more information about this you can contact iTunes customer service by dialing iTunes customer service number.