Generally iPhone and iPad users get issues after they update their device.  You are not the only one who faces these challenges. So you don’t need to be panic and there are several DIY solutions to fix them in mere some minutes.

  1. Poor battery life:

    This is the one of the most common issues in the apple devices. It generally occurs when you update your iOS 9. Since iOS 9 update provides some new feature but at the same it also create problems like battery draining. So here some tips to rectify battery draining.

  • Check your apps: If you are facing battery draining in your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you just need to analyze which app is consuming more battery. While you think this is an apple’s device issue however there is a good chance that some third party application is creating all the issue. To start grub into your app pursuance, Go to a setting > battery you will be able to see battery usage tools. These tools will show you which apps are using more battery but it will not show you on your home screen. So you can force stop these app. For force stop go to setting > app > choose the app > tap on force stop.
  • Uninstall Facebook: Facebook app is of the most battery draining apps. Several people have reported that Facebook usually consumes more than 15% of battery each day even if one is not using the same. If you go ahead and uninstall the Facebook app it will be a worthy step for your battery life and definitely you will see positive effects of your battery life.
  • Using Pokémon Go: Since Pokémon Go is a GPS based game and you play it online, so it consumes a lot of battery of your apple device. If you are playing this game for long period of time it can be most common reason for your battery life consumption. You can follow some tips during playing Pokémon go.
  • Reduce your screen brightness.
  • Use an exterior battery pack.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while you are on roaming.
  • Disable volume.
  • Activate low power mode: iOS 9 updates with a new feature that is beneficial for your battery life when you need it the most. Simply go to setting > battery > low power mode > on. The help of this feature you can control manually to power mode. This can save several hour actual use of your device.

Here, some another little reasons which that you can follow for your better battery life:

  • Activate Airplane mode.
  • Try disabling iCloud keychain.
  • Try disabling the Background app refresh feature
  • Use an array of sensors to adjust screen automatically
  • If no any tip is working on your device you just need to contact Apple support.
  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issue:

    It is a very common problem. However, we have the resolution for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems. Go to setting > General > Reset > Reset network setting. With the help of Reset network setting you will keep your data unmarred. But when you connect with Wi-Fi, it will be back to their default setting. This suggestion usually resolves the issue. Please feel free to call our Technical support number to get more help

  2. iOS Home button issue:

    The home button functionality has changed in iOS 10. Now ‘Slide to Unlock’ is over. So here is fast fix, if you want to go back to old way of unlocking your phone. So go to Setting > General > Accessibility > home button and turn on “Rest finger to Open’. Now you are able to open your iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button any more.

  3. iPhone is not vibrating after updating:

    If your iPhones is not vibrating when they receive messages, you need to try restarting your iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep button and the Home button for around 10 seconds. When iPhone will restart, you will see Apple logo. If this resolution is not working for you, then you may need to factor reset of your iPhone. But before doing this you need to back up all your files and setting, because factory reset will clear all of your data from your device.

  4. Touch ID is not working:

    If you are unable to unlock your iPhone with your Touch ID then you can follows these step to rectify it. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Pass-code and enter your passcode. Turn off iTunes & App Store, and then reboot your device. Go back to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and turn on iTunes & App Store. Now, remove your fingerprints and re-scan your fingerprints. For this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Pass-code and scroll down to the list of fingerprints. Tap on the fingerprint which you want to delete, then select ‘Delete’ and restart your device. When your iPhone is turn on then go back into settings and add your fingerprint. You are able to use your Touch ID to unlock your iPhone.

  1. iPhone or iPad is overheating after install iOS 10:

    After the install to iOS 10, it will continue updating apps in the background. This means your phone or tablet may heat up more than usual when you charge it. But, this should only be a temporary problem, and when all the apps have been updated, you will see that your device return to normal temperature during charging. If you are still having problems, you just need to  reset or turning off auto-sending of diagnostic and usage data by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage. But if you are facing again same problem, you just need to visit nearest apple store to fix your heating problem.

  1. iOS 10 is running slower than iOS 9: After to update iOS 9 if you find that Your updated version that is iOS 10 is running slow than your old version, in this case the problem could be down to a variety of things. Firstly, iOS 10 re-unites everything and optimizes apps to work with the new software in the internal process after you have installed it. Once it is completed – the process should take a few hours. But, after leaving your phone for full night you are still facing same issue than you can try turning on Reduce motion. For this, go to setting > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion. This determinately turns off all special motion effects. It makes the iOS run smoother and faster. In addition turning on reduce Transparency should make things run a bit lubricious. You need go to setting > General > Accessibility > Increase contrast.

Free space on your phone is a good way to ensure the OS runs smoothly and faster. So try deleting old files and photos and assuring that you have at least 1GB free space on your iPhone or iPad.